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Hotel Patria

Hotel Patria Trutnov


About restaurant

PATRIA Restaurant is open daily from 7 am to 22 pm for hotel guests and the public. We cook every day, serve excellent BUONDI Caffe, draft beer, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.
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Od 11:00 do 14:00



80 g Carpaccio from sirloin meat marinated in basil pesto with parmesan cheese


Beef soup with vegetables and noodles 35,-
Daily soup 35,-

Czech cuisine

300 g Roasted duck leg on the trunk with a variety of dumplings with red cabbage on red win
150 g Beef Sirloin in cream sauce with cranberries, whipped cream, lemon
200 g Deer leg sous videwith cranberry sauce with potatoes269,-

Main meal

350 g Trout locally on Herbs and Butter
(extra charge 10 g = 5,-)

200 g Chicken steak on spinach and sour cream 159,-
300 g Pork chops with bone and pepper sauce 159,-
200 g Krakonos’ fire (pork chops with onion, chilli and sour cream) 159,-
150 g Beef burger with Cheddar cheese, crunchy Bacon, Dip and FrenchFries 189,-
200 g Big fried Pork or chicken (served with lemon and sour cucumber) 159,-
350 g Tagliattele with Pomodoro sauce, sprinkeld with Parmesan 149,-
150 g Fried cheese with our Tataesauce 149,-


200 g Boiled potatoes 35,-
200 g Masched potatoes 35,-
200 g Steak fries 35,-
3 Potato pancakes 35,-
200 g Vegatable on butter 49,-
2 Toasted baguette with Herbbutter 35,-
50 g Our tatar sauce 20,-

Childrens Menu

100 g Chicken slices with French Fries 99,-


1 piece of Pancake with ice cream, fruit and whipped cream 85,-
3 small pieces of pancake with plum jam and sweet curd 85,-
Cup with ice cream, fruit, whipped cream 75,-
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  • open 07:00–22:00
  • non-smoking restaurant


  • non-smoking restaurant
  • suitable for small private functions or conferences


  • bright and spacious restaurant - suitable for weddings, parties, celebrations, training, etc.
  • sortiment here offer the same as in small and large restaurant (open by reservation)


  • located in the pedestrian promenade and bike trails along the river Upa
  • open in good weather

Rental of premises and catering

There are a variety of organized social, events, meetings, celebrations, weddings, seminars, etc.
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